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Trees have their own microclimate and affect the climate of the entire environment. They soothe the effects of high temperature and wind and moisturize the air. They absorb heat, giving a natural cooling effect, releasing less heat into the atmosphere than other ecosystems.

Trees in urban areas can lower the ambient temperature in summer by up to 10 ° C, compared to an area without trees. This is because one tree can emit 200 to 400 liters of water into the atmosphere during the day of transpiration.

Trees play an important role in the functioning of the agricultural landscape.
They constitute a natural wind, snow, and flood dam, and also protect against drought. The roots of the trees help maintain the lumpy structure of the soil, thanks to which water and air deeper into the soil are ensured. This structure is due to the presence of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.
Tree roots strengthen the soil, preventing it from erosion. Trees (mainly trees and forests) significantly inhibit the wind rush and thus protect adjacent areas against its harmful effects, wind erosion on farmlands.

Trees support the water cycle, accumulate and retain significant amounts of it, for example, 100 trees retain approximately 450 liters of rainwater per year, thus slowing down the rapid evaporation of water into the atmosphere.

Trees clean the groundwater that flows from fields and roads. In urbanized areas, tree roots take up heavy metal compounds from the soil and deactivate them. Trees also help to strengthen the banks of rivers and ponds.

The Pongamia project will employ farmers, specialists, and many others, and will boost the agriculture and local economy.

Kessler presents and points many other benefits such as: fighting global warming, reclamation of the land matching the Zionist vision, promoting countries as pioneers in the sector, creating green lungs of greenery which produce better air for the citizens who live in the area, creating a green landscape for the city and the area, creating a new fertile land for the cultivation of intercropping in the plantation, improving PR and gaining the public support for brands, satisfying the city needs, the authorities, the environmental organizations, and generating substantial profits for all sides.

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