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Organic Non-GMO protein



Organic Natural Food: Production of Non-GMO proteins as human food and animal feed, by using land converted to agriculture, not competing on land or water resources.

  • The first carbon plantation in the middle east region

  • A smart model of profitable carbon plantations on desert land

  • Advanced food technologies by the state top researchers

  • Partnership with the state of Israel on IP and advanced genetics

  • An exclusive solution to secure the protein needs of companies and states

  • Addressing the needs for Non-GMO, organic plant proteins in the EU

Pre-orders for Non-GMO, organic plant-proteins, dedicated for food brands and manufacturers, food processing and commodities trading corporations, distributors of food ingredients, the agriculture sector, chemicals & fertilizers industries, authorities, states.

Non-GMO plant protein

Kessler Projects for the world Ltd. is engaged in constructing smart carbon plantations as a source of green energy, advanced biofuels and energy production, and food protein, using innovative technology following global standards for zero emissions. The European protein market is growing fast and will have an important role in the fight against the food crises, and Kessler offers a comprehensive, effective solution in this area. Offsetting emissions and producing high-quality Non-GMO protein on high-scale volumes.


The State of Israel has signed an agreement with Kessler to create the first carbon plantation in Israel and develop varieties of oil and protein-rich energy trees. The agreement includes a partnership and exclusive support by A.R.O. for establishing the first carbon plantation in Israel. The oasis model in poor land and deserts will implement massive projects worldwide due to the profitability of the plantations, while the plantations planted on poor soils do not compete with agricultural land sources. 

Top level
state research

More Pongamia products 

In addition to Pongamia oil, other commercial products are obtained from this tree: Pongamia Cake - A high-protein and high-quality product which is animal feed, A high nitrogen product that can be used as a high-quality natural agricultural fertilizer, As solid biomass due to the calorific value (in the form of pellets or briquettes), it can be sold as green fuel for a coal-fired power plant (co-firing) or a biomass-fired power plant, Pongamia shells, A product that can be used as agricultural fertilizer, and In the form of pellets and briquettes, it can be used as biomass to produce entirely green energy.


Securing companies needs 

Carbon credits, advanced biofuels, and Non-GMO proteins

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