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Desert Landscape


It all starts by finding the most reliable and reputable partner: The first carbon plantation in the region was planted in 2021 when we announced the signing of an exclusivity Partnership Agreement on IP, Pongamia genetics, and agrotechnical methods with the state of Israel to develop and implement the best prime energy trees carbon plantations.

Kessler is the sole owner of the first carbon plantation in the middle east under an exclusive contract with the state of Israel, developing the most advanced energy tree genetics that grows fast in harsh arid conditions and absorbs exceptionally high quantities of CO2. The state of Israel's knowledge and immense experience in arid agriculture makes it an ideal partner for KESSLER's smart carbon plantations. Most modern scientific measures are executed at each step of the project.

The collaboration between KESSLER and the state of Israel on the carbon plantation project is an exciting development in sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. KESSLER's expertise in energy tree genetics and the state of Israel's knowledge and experience in arid agriculture make them an ideal partnership for this innovative project.

One of the key benefits of the KESSLER and Israel collaboration is the focus on reliability and reputation. The state of Israel has a well-established reputation as a leader in agriculture research and development, with a long history of working on innovative solutions to arid land agriculture. This reputation ensures that the project is built on scientific rigor and accuracy.

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