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We would like to introduce KESSLER Projects for the world Ltd, an Israeli company with substantial partners in Europe and Asia who construct the world's best practices In Green Energy and agricultural technologies.


The Pongamia project's first stage is planting carbon plantations of one million trees on an area of 2000 Hectares (4km x 5km).


The second stage is building a modern, technological factory that will produce the most quality products from the fruits.

From the Pongamia fruits, we produce biodiesel, protein for the food industry, animal food, organic fertilizers, and cosmetics.


The third stage is planting more plantations in the region and building a refinery.


The Pongamia project will employ farmers, specialists, and many others, and will boost the agriculture and economy.

Kessler Projects for the world Ltd, based on an exclusive contract, together with the Agricultural Research Organization of the state of Israel, are working on creating the first carbon plantation in Israel and developing advanced prime lines of energy trees, which, in addition to absorbing large amounts of CO2, will reclaim the area and restore agricultural values to arid and damaged soils.


Our energy trees will also be the best source of low-emission biofuels and bio components for the industry. On our research and pilot plantation, work has also started cultivating other agricultural plants, intercropping with energy trees. At the same time, the research team measures the CO2 consumption by our trees and qualitatively analyzes the obtained low-emission bio components.

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