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It's an honor to have Mr. Oren Helman join us as a Member of the Advisory Board at KESSLER

Mr. Oren Helman

Member of the KESSLER Advisory Board

Former Senior Vice President - IEC - Israel Electric Corporation &

Acting Chairman of the Israeli Coal Company

Former Senior Vice President for Customer Service (retail), Marketing, and Regulation at the Israeli Electric Corporation.

Adviser to ministers and authorities, director and member of the board 

Manages the field of regulation, ESG,

and the Investor Relations (IR) unit.

Manages the customer service division - B2B & B2C, which is responsible, among other things, for the customer experience, as well as for the retail activity of IEC:

Call centers - 103,

The customer debt collection system of IEC, which collects more than NIS 20 billion annually,

The public reception branches,

Client case managers (B2B),

System of public inquiries.

Established the digital transformation system

And also the data and analytics unit of the service system.

Including innovation in the areas of customer service in electricity, collection and more.

Was responsible for the communications department, which includes spokespersons, social networks, the advertising department, branding and marketing, community relations and the visitor center.

4.5 years: Acting-Chairman of the board of the Israeli Coal Company & Chairman of the Audit Committee for the board of directors, Out of 9 years of membership on the board

Voluntarily (Life Mission...): Founder of the Facebook page Equal Chance - SICUY SHAVEH - for including people with disabilities at the workforce, and very active in the field.

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