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PONGAMIA 5781-A: Oxygen production in the desert

We are pleased to present another breakthrough in our research on the efficacy of our genetic strain, Pongamia 5781-A, as a high-yield, low-carbon energy source for the fuel and energy sectors. 

Beyond its energy potential, we are delighted to highlight its remarkable ability to produce oxygen and absorb CO2, particularly evident in the arid landscape of the Negev Desert. This study, conducted by top researchers at ARO, assessed the performance of our genetic variety across three distinct soil types.

Traditionally, our testing program encompassed desert soil (Negev Desert), potting mix, and central Israel soil. Trees play a vital role in sustaining life on our planet by absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen. On average, a medium-sized tree absorbs 12 kg of CO2 annually, providing oxygen for 12 people. Moreover, a hectare of deciduous forest can meet the daily oxygen needs of over 2.5 thousand individuals, producing approximately 700 kg of oxygen in 24 hours.

Soil quality, climate conditions, agrotechnical protocols, and genetic variety significantly influence tree development, leaf production, oxygen generation, CO2 absorption, carbon sequestration, and fruit yield. The results of our tests, conducted from 2022 to 2023, revealed remarkable outcomes.

Our elite genetic strain of Pongamia exhibited exceptional growth in barren Negev Desert soil, surpassing performance in central Israel soil. In the first year, leaf growth in the desert soil doubled compared to the soil from central Israel - a typical Mediterranean soli. We showcased even more promising results the subsequent year, with rapid tree development and increased leaf growth observed in the desert soil.

The implications of these findings are profound:

  • The exceptional properties of Pongamia 5781-A can transform desert and degraded areas into significant oxygen producers, benefiting global ecosystems.

  • Increased oxygen production correlates with higher CO2 absorption, leading to more carbon credits and enhanced carbon sequestration.

  • Abundant leaf growth accelerates tree development and enhances fruit yield, providing extended low-carbon feedstock for the fuel and energy industries.

  • Our achievements are attained naturally, without relying on artificial fertilizers or chemicals.

We sincerely thank the scientists at the Agricultural Research Organization for their exclusive partnership in this endeavor. Together, we are committed to leveraging natural resources to contribute to a sustainable future and preserve our planet for future generations.

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