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Pongamia plantations in SCP Model: More Oil and more carbon credits

We are glad to share another milestone from our research program on the Smart Carbon Plantation (SCP) model, centered on cultivating the KESSLER Pongamia tree in the Desert.

Our primary objective has been to develop agrotechnical protocols that maximize tree density per Hectare. Unlike traditional plantations of coniferous or deciduous trees such as eucalyptus, the SCP model leverages the elite Pongamia variety 5781-A, focusing on the maximum production of inedible Pongamia oil per Hectare.

The SCP model based on the elite variety 5781-A is focused primarily on the maximum production of inedible Pongamia oil and carbon credits from one Hectare.

Our elite variety focuses on rapid growth in degraded land and arid and semiarid regions. It boasts a high CO2 absorption capacity, which results in vast quantities of carbon credits, adding another valuable product to our plantation model.

We have focused on refining our cultivation techniques to promote uniform and stable growth at high densities. This includes optimizing the development of the tree crown to eliminate competition with neighboring trees and to ensure the crown itself is as dense as possible. The density of the tree crown directly influences the fruit yield and, therefore, the quantity of inedible oil produced.

Through the expertise of our partners at the Israeli ARO Institute, we have achieved a density of 850 trees per Hectare. This high density allows each tree to thrive and yield the maximum amount of fruit, translating into more inedible Pongamia oil and additional Carbon Credits for our partners and clients.

The transformation of degraded areas into lush, green plantations is accompanied by a resurgence of local vegetation and wildlife, showcasing the regenerative power of our methods. 

We extend our deepest gratitude to the Israeli ARO Institute, our invaluable partners, for their instrumental role in achieving these remarkable results. Their expertise and collaboration have been crucial to our success, and we value their contributions immensely.

More trees per Hectare means more oil and Carbon Credits, enhancing the value of our primary products, contributing to environmental sustainability, and enabling each company to be profitably carbon-free.

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