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Renewable Energy & Regenerative Agriculture - Israeli Smart Carbon Plantation Model

In this post, we would like to briefly describe the principle of creating and developing the Israeli model of Smart Carbon Plantations.

As part of the international obligations and the provisions of the Paris Protocol, each country signatory to this agreement is obliged to take all measures to reduce CO2 emissions and ultimately achieve zero emissions in the economy.

Excessive emissions affect the fuel and energy industry and mining, food, agriculture, emissions in the supply chain, and any other type of activity.

It has become clear that controlling CO2 emissions is required at every stage of production and distribution and then implementing methods to reduce these emissions. As is known, the soil is one of the largest stores in decrease the levels of dangerous greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. When creating the Smart Carbon Plantations model, Kessler took into account the significant phenomenon of CO2 emissions that occurs in the agricultural sector.

Research proves the agricultural sector as responsible for appx. 15% of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, summarizing the figures together with the food sector, will rise this rate up to 25%. It is also worth stating that agriculture is one of the few industrial sectors that can transform from a CO2 emitter into a CO2 sequester.

Our approach to solving this problem has focused on repairing and regenerating sterile soil (desert areas, degraded land, saline land, etc.) by restoring the correct level of carbon content, increasing biodiversity, and strengthening ecosystems. Our exceptional variety of energy trees will do this action with very high carbon and nitrogen sequestration. All this will translate into increased efficiency and productivity of the regenerated areas and a much better quality of agricultural products.

When creating and developing Smart Carbon Plantations, and for the complete control of CO2 emissions at every stage of cultivation, harvesting, and production management, one of the most important activities will be using renewable low-carbon energy sources.

All production processes on our plantations, such as the production of inedible oil for the fuel industry, the production of proteins for the food industry, and healthy food based on intercropping with energy trees, will function using only low-emission and renewable energy sources. Additionally, We do not use artificial fertilizers or pesticides in our Smart Carbon Plantations. Kessler uses only natural organic fertilizers to fertilize and improve the regeneration of arid soil, which is highly mineral, obtained from the fruits of our energy trees, and therefore friendly and zero-emission.

Agricultural products produced in this way will, shortly, become important raw materials for the food industry. It is not only reducing CO2 emissions in the entire production process of agricultural raw materials, finished food products, and the supply chain to the manufacturer but products produced in this way; it is also great respect for our planet.

Reducing CO2 emissions along the entire supply chain is now also a priority for the fuel and energy industry. The main product of our Smart Carbon Plantations will be inedible oil with perfect and stable physicochemical parameters, which will be an ideal raw material for the production of Biodiesel FAME, SAF, Marine fuels, and HVO processes. By following all the procedures and practices of low-carbon cultivation and production of this oil, Kessler will guarantee the quantity, highest quality, and low carbon raw material for our partners and customers.

Our intensive work on the Smart Carbon Plantations model will continue to develop. Further intensive research will be carried out on the use of products of these plantations, new genetic varieties of energy trees, and creating new patentable products for energy purposes. Kessler's Pilot Carbon Plantation located in Gilat, in the Israeli desert, and joint work with the leading specialists of the Agricultural Research Organization of Israel gives us numerous opportunities and access to the best knowledge and practices.

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