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The first Pongamia SCP harvest is coming in just a few months

We anticipate an extraordinary milestone—a first harvest that underscores our progress with the Pongamia tree and our Smart Carbon Plantations initiative.

The forthcoming harvest from our pilot plantation in Israel's Negev Desert represents more than genetic advancements and research. It embodies the culmination of our partnership with ARO, focusing on elite varieties adapted to extreme climates and soils. Our efforts encompass cultivating mother trees under challenging conditions, yielding high-quality fruits. Moreover, our work extends to implementing cutting-edge technologies for these varieties, crafted by KESSLER & ARO specialists. This comprehensive approach has yielded exceptional results at every stage of development.

Our agricultural practices have optimized fruit yield, tree density, irrigation techniques (maximizing yield while minimizing water usage), and innovative agribusiness and intercropping methods. These efforts have propelled us to a pivotal moment: the upcoming first harvest!

The grains from our elite varieties, validated by independent research, promise excellent biofuel feedstocks, including Renewable Diesel, SAF, FAME, ethanol, and solid biomass for electrical industries. Additionally, they deliver high-quality, non-GMO proteins with a complete (!) amino acid profile.

Last year, our trees bore an unprecedented profusion of exquisite flowers, followed by a substantial amount of green fruits in late autumn. 

As we enter spring, an unforeseen abundance of fruit indicates a larger-than-expected first harvest this year.

Excitingly, we confirm that the initial harvest will be performed in year 3, just months away!

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