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We take almost any land, even desert land and make out of it an oasis of millions of trees which create a huge green areas and an optimistic environment for more vegetation and animals

Making a big difference by fighting global warming with the most effective  solution

The biofuel production process is a clean process and does not generate any air pollution. In the production process, there is no combustion process, there is no emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, as in the case of the production of fuels from fossil sources and meeting all the EU directives & regulations

We are honored to lead to biofuels sector

Not only economic growth but also climate change is responsible for the fast pace of energy consumption

The Pongamia project by the Kessler group is more than renewable energy production. Our projects combine everything that is necessary for the development of each country. Our projects provide:
- joint development of biofuels and traditional fuels in accordance with the guidelines of the
country's energy policy
- joint development of renewable and traditional energy
- securing energy needs based on clean energy and clean fuels
- environmental protection by reducing emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere
- restoring degraded areas to their value in use for agriculture
- creating new jobs

All in one, in the Pongamia project by KESSLER Projects for the world.


Protecting the World’s Most Endangered Species

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