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Intercropping fast-growing yields on desert soil

This post introduces you to the intercropping aspect of our Smart Carbon Plantation in Israel. Intercropping is an integrated process that is a built-in segment of KESSLER's smart carbon plantations, using desert or semi-arid land utilized with regenerative agriculture to produce food from poor soils. One of the many tasks that the KESSLER company performs is not only the creation of Carbon plantations and the production of advanced low-carbon raw materials for the biofuel and energy industry but also restoring agricultural value for entirely barren land. One of the main goals is to convert these values while repairing damaged ecosystems and restoring biodiversity in areas such as the Negev desert.

In our last posts, we shared photos of our genetic variety of Pongamia trees growing in extreme desert conditions. We also informed on the progress of the intercropping process, using innovative agrotechnology processes developed and supervised by the Agricultural Research Organization Israel specialists.

KESSLER's intercropping plan covers a variety of plants and yields. Today we will relate more about the process of our Moringa cultivation.

Moringa is the most nutritious plant and has become very popular in the Middle East and Europe. It mainly benefits the food and medical industries. It is an outstanding plant that is becoming a natural solution to problems related to improper nutrition, lack of essential vitamins and microelements in our bodies, and supplementing our daily diet.

Moringa also has many medicinal and healthy-life values. With this, a comparison describing the benefits of Moringa:

Protein - Twice the amount of soy

Vitamin A - four times bigger amount than in carrots

Vitamin C - Seven times bigger amount than in an orange

Vitamin E - about four times the amount found in wheat germ

Potassium - four times bigger amount than in a banana

Iron - twenty-five times bigger amount than in spinach

Moringa is also a rich source of manganese, chromium, and boron. The entire list of moringa nutritional values is supplemented by omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids.

So we started cultivating Moringa, planting our prime seeds selected by our specialists, and using specific agrotechnical methods. Today, after about five weeks, our Moringa has reached almost one meter in height (extraordinary growth). The leaves, rich in nutrients, have a very intense green color and are ready for harvesting and drying, ready shortly to help human beings in terms of food and health.

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