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KESSLER Advanced Pongamia oil

More information regarding our company's oil.

Nowadays, KESSLER prepares oil samples for its customers and provides the customers and potential partners to independently confirm the quality of the Advanced Pongamia oil and its suitability for production processes such as HVO, FAME production, etc.

Essential notification for our customers is that the oil will be produced as a waste material generated in the production of proteins and high-protein animal feed.

KESSLER oil is an inedible oil containing polyphenols in its composition, so it does not conflict with food. Our oil's physical and chemical parameters are comparable to those of vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil, soybean oil, and sunflower oil. It is worth mentioning that the entire Kessler activity, our Smart Carbon Plantations, will be constructed in desert areas, degraded areas, and semi-arid conditions unfit for agricultural purposes.

Thanks to KESSLER's investment and production strategy, our oil will be characterized by the highest reduction of CO2, and, most importantly, classified as an advanced second-generation raw material for the production of biofuels in accordance with ISCC, meeting the requirements of RED II

You can find more information regarding the specifications of our oil in previous posts and the new coming posts.

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