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Kessler carbon plantation update & photos

With great love and respect to mother earth, we are working physically hard nowadays, under the intense sun, planting the new plot of five hundred advanced energy trees in the first carbon plantation of the middle east region.

Installing the irrigation system, digging the holes, planting the trees, and fulfilling many other tasks are worthy and inspiring. Soon later, some animals start to show up, butterflies, lizards, small desert creatures, insects, etc., and suddenly the land is alive, what an excitement!

Vast groups of birds are touring the sky precisely over our heads, flying their way from Europe to Africa, magnifying pioneers' effect in the desert.

Creating huge green lungs of agriculture in the desert was always the Israeli pioneer spirit; now, for the first time, in addition to absorbing large amounts of CO2, it will reclaim the area and restore agricultural values to arid regions.

Our energy trees will also be the best source of low-emission biofuels and bio components for clean, renewable energy. On the plantation, we implement the practice of cultivating other agricultural yields, intercropping with energy trees. At the same time, and for the first time in the country, scientific measurements of CO2 consumption by the trees and qualitative analyzes of the obtained low-emission bio components are being carried out.

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