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KESSLER is delighted to welcome Professor Yehuda Kahane - Senior Member of the company board

With a lot of pride and excitement, we announce Professor Yehuda Kahane as a senior board member of KESSLER Projects for the world.

Professor Yehuda Kahane is a great leader, creating a better future for the next generations, and a true fighter against global warming and climate change.

Laureate of the prestigious Insurance Founders Award. Business, Social & Academic Entrepreneur. Fellow of World Academy of Art & Science.

Prof. Kahane is an entrepreneur active in both the academic and business areas as well as in the NGO arena, and is a fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science. He is the 2011 inductee of the highest international insurance award for his significant, pioneering and lasting contribution to the theory, practice and education in the insurance and risk management world. In 2011 he was also awarded by the Israeli insurance industry for his life time achievements.

Yehuda Kahane is a Professor of Recanati School of Business & the Porter School of Environmental Studies, at Tel-Aviv University.

He held executive, teaching and research positions at universities around the Globe, including the Hebrew U. of Jerusalem, the U. of Florida, the U. of Toronto, the Wharton School of the U. of Pennsylvania, the U. of Texas at Austin, and numerous other institutions. He was the founder and first dean of the (first and only) academic insurance school in Israel. He had been the academic director of the top executive training program in Israel (Lahav).

Prof. Kahane is the co-founder, director, and a major shareholder in Ituran Location and Control (Nasdaq ITRN) and Capital Point Technological incubators (TASE). He is highly involved in the formation and management of technological start-up companies in a variety of advanced areas. He is a major owner and chairperson of PANGO the cellular parking company.

Prof. Kahane established the YKCenter, a social business aimed to enable our economies to prosper while taking care of important environmental, social, philosophical and human issues. The goal is to create a paradigm shift in the management of organizations and businesses and to aim at a multiple objective function, in order to lead to innovative strategies in almost every part of our system.

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