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KESSLER's 2nd genetic Pongamia oil

Dear friends and colleagues,

Our Smart Carbon Plantation has been planted for over a year now. It is the first model of such a plantation in Israel and the first carbon plantation in the Middle East. It is also where cultivation techniques for Elite Pongamia tree varieties are being developed and performed in the most extreme climatic conditions.

Some time ago, Kessler announced that it had produced the first oil from our first extremely potent genetic variety in the laboratory. We then performed the necessary physicochemical analyses that confirmed our oil's highest quality. The results of this oil could not be better.

Additionally, Kessler has started sending its samples to our potential partners interested in working with our company and developing the Smart Carbon Plantation model in different parts of the world. Independent testing of our oil samples confirmed the highest quality, and our future customers' opinion was the most valuable reward for our work on this project.

Today we present KESSLER's Pongamia oil from our second genetic variety. This oil also has a fantastic visual formation, and we are now performing serial tests and laboratory analyzes. Regardless, there is little difference between the two genetic varieties. Namely, the oil content of the fruit of the second variety (which we present today) is 40%, and the fruits are even slightly bigger than that of the first variety.

The research program for the second variety promises to be extremely interesting, and we will all look forward to the results of oil, proteins, and solid biomass.

Next year, Kessler will announce the completion of work on more potent genetic varieties. Excessive Development and research are constant and at the core of our activities.

Supplying the fuel and energy industry with renewable, low-carbon energy sources is a priority for Kessler, and this is one of the leading development strategies of our company. We develop and construct a business model in which Kessler, together with our partners, will stably, sustainably produce and supply the highest quality raw material for HVO, Btl, and other environmentally friendly processes.

KESSLER's elite genetic varieties and the proof of concept achieved in cooperation with the best specialists from ARO and the state of Israel enable us to support the most needed feedstock for our partners and clients.

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