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KESSLER welcomes and greets Ms. Galit Palzur warmly as a KESSLER board member

We are delighted to introduce Ms. Galit Palzur as a board member of KESSLER Projects for the World

Ms. Galit Palzur is an economist, specializing in business and policy-oriented environmental economics, climate finance and the risk management of natural disasters, extreme events, sustainability, and climate change. She advises, mentors and accompanies private and public bodies, internationally, in her fields of expertise and sits on the Board of the Israeli Energy Forum, which promotes the transition of Israel to a renewable energy-based, energy-efficient economy and on the Board of Forum Dvorah, a non-profit organization promoting women in the fields of national security and foreign policy. Ms. Palzur previously served in several senior economic positions in the public sector: She was the Director of the Economics and Standards Division and Price Control Regulator at the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the Manager of the National Budget for the fields of Agriculture, Environment and Tourism at the Budgets Division at the Israeli Ministry of Finance. She has over a decade of experience as a member of several Board of Directors of government-held companies, funds and statutory entities and was also a Chair of the Bureau of the OECD Working Party on Climate, Investment and Development (WPCID). She was a member of Israel’s negotiating team at the UNFCCC and Israel’s representative and is currently considered one of Israel’s leading experts and a thought-leader on finance and climate, especially regarding carbon pricing, adaptation financing, and the incorporation of climate-related risks (physical and transitional) into practice by different entities. From the media:

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