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Pongamia 5781-A: Achieving Remarkable Growth in Arid Terrains

We are delighted to share the latest findings from our research at our pilot plantation in the Negev Desert. Together with the esteemed ARO Institute, we accomplished a comprehensive study focusing on the growth and development of our 5781-A tree's variety across three distinct soil types over two years (2022-2023).

The height of the trees isn't just a measure of growth; it's a testament to adaptability, effective agro-technological practices, and overall plant health. Our research sought answers to fundamental questions, including the feasibility of adaptation, optimal cultivation methods, and potential agricultural outcomes such as yield per hectare and carbon sequestration.

We tested our genetic variety on three soil types:

Desert soil (Negev Desert)

Potting mix

Central Israel soil

The findings were compelling. In the first year (2022), growth across all soil types showed promising similarity. However, the true breakthrough unfolded in the second year (2023). The height achieved on desert soil surpassed expectations, demonstrating a remarkable 35% and 40% increase compared to potting mix soil and central Israel soil, respectively.

This significant growth differential underscores the elite adaptability of our 5781-A variety, explicitly tailored for desert and degraded environments. We interpret the initial year as an adaptation phase, while the subsequent year solidified our variety's superiority.

We sincerely appreciate our partners at the ARO Institute for their invaluable partnership, innovative cultivation methods, and shared success. Our work together exemplifies a sustainable model for energy transformation and the revitalization of marginalized landscapes.

Let's continue cultivating change together.

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