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Pongamia to Low carbon Marine Fuels - Test results

The maritime industry is highly dependent on fossil fuels and emits about 1.2 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2 e) each year, equivalent to about 3% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Countries worldwide are adopting zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets by 2050. The global shipping industry is also assessing whether to raise the current IMO-agreed 50% reduction target by 2050 to an ambitious 100%.

Today, the largest international shipping companies have committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 or sooner. Replacing the current fossil fuels used in ships - such as heavy oils derived from crude oil - with cleaner alternative fuels could solve the decarbonization problem in this sector.

While conducting extensive research programs on elite genetic varieties of the Pongamia tree and the products of these varieties, KESSLER also assessed the suitability of our oil for use not only as a raw material for producing marine fuels but also as a ready-made low-carbon marine fuel.

We are pleased to confirm that our oil, extracted from these elite varieties of the Pongamia tree, has undergone rigorous physicochemical analysis and has been compared against the Marine Residual Fuels ISO 8217:2005 standards. KESSLER's Pongamia oil fully meets the requirements of all types of Marine Residual Fuels, including RMA 30, RMB 30, RMD 80, RME 180, RMF 180, RMG 380, RMH 380, RMK 380, RMH 380, RMK 700.

Multiple research laboratories have independently verified the exceptional quality of our oil, and we will share the detailed results of these tests in subsequent posts. KESSLER has also evaluated the suitability of the oil for HVO, Esterification/Transesterification processes and has encountered and confirmed it is most advantageous for such applications.

Moreover, our oil serves as an excellent raw material for the production of Marine Distillate Fuels, and its sulfur content, measured at an impressively low level of 3 ppm, further enhances its value as a raw material for downstream processing.

What sets KESSLER apart is our commitment to sustainability. The creation of commercial Pongamia plantations is focused on Arid and semi-Arid conditions and degraded areas, minimizing environmental impact. At the same time, our production process relies solely on renewable energy, ensuring our compliance with the highest standards of low-carbon fuel production.

We are enthusiastic about the potential of Pongamia oil as a game-changer in the maritime industry's decarbonization journey. As we continue to drive innovation in this field, we invite you to join us in exploring partnerships and collaborations that will accelerate the adoption of low-carbon fuels and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Stay tuned for further updates on the suitability and advantages of KESSLER's advanced feedstock. Let us shape a cleaner, more environmentally friendly, and prosperous maritime industry.

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