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Registration Status of KESSLER Elite Pongamia Varieties

We are delighted to provide a detailed update regarding the registration process for our elite Pongamia tree varieties.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to the Agriculture Research Organization and the Ministry of Agriculture representing the State of Israel for selecting KESSLER as an exclusive partner in advanced Pongamia genetics. KESSLER proudly presents the registration process of our exceptional and refined energy trees under the Israeli state's and KESSLER's joint names.

Understanding the significance of the registration process, we acknowledge its impact on the creation and development of our commercial Smart Carbon Plantations.

KESSLER has successfully cultivated three elite Pongamia tree varieties that have thrived in extreme growing conditions, with independent tests validating the quality of their products. In collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, we have developed and refined progressive cultivation techniques tailored to these genetics, enabling successful growth in even the harshest environmental and soil conditions.

Based on these three genetics and the accompanying cultivation techniques, the Smart Carbon Plantation model is ready for worldwide commercial implementation.

The registration of KESSLER elite Pongamia varieties follows the procedures outlined by the Plant Breeders' Rights and the State of Israel Ministry of Agriculture, ensuring the protection of our intellectual property under international law.

The registration process is an essential part of KESSLER's Smart Carbon Plantations project, requiring several years of intensive work, research, result evaluation, and the development and implementation of precise cultivation techniques through a breeding program.

Over the years, Kessler and the ARO have jointly conducted the breeding program for selected elite genetic varieties, utilizing ARO's facilities, nurseries, and our pilot plantation in the Negev desert. Through this collaboration, we have identified three elite genotypes that exhibit significant potential as oil, cellulose, starch, and protein feedstock sources. Moreover, these genotypes demonstrate optimal growth and development even in severely degraded areas, providing the highest quality raw materials for the fuel and energy industry.

After confirming and approving the genetics, the arid-condition Smart Carbon plantation model, and the final products: Pongamia oil and shell, we have progressed to the next step: facilitating clonal propagation of the selected genotypes for registration as advanced varieties. This ongoing process follows the highest standards and requirements the Israeli state sets.

The final stage of the registration procedure for our elite varieties is followed by countless testing, development procedures, and extensive scientific research, all while ensuring the maturation of approved propagation materials. This stage, undertaken in partnership with the state of Israel, is backed up by the country's vast knowledge, innovation, techniques, and experience in arid agriculture.

And what lies beyond? We anticipate the registration and patenting of industrial processes and final products. We invite you to stay tuned for further updates.

We shall continue driving innovation and sustainability in our shared pursuit of a cleaner and brighter future.

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