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Renewable Diesel

Now is another essential information for developing biofuels, renewable energy, and achieving climate neutrality. ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing LLC introduced ExxonMobil Renewable Diesel ("EMRD") process technology to help meet changing mobility needs while using renewable raw materials.

It is a significant step, mainly because such a large company understands the present and future needs of the fuel and petrochemical industries.

Kessler projects for the world Ltd. agree and acknowledge that renewable diesel is the future of the fuel industry as it is a low carbon fuel made from a variety of vegetable oils, waste fats, and UCO. The correct direction of the production of this fuel is fundamental here, and the raw material, the method of its production, and its availability on the market are critical.

In Israel's first carbon plantation, Kessler, partnering with the Agricultural Research Organization of the state of Israel, conduct research and development of advanced lines of energy trees, producing and testing new samples of our prime genetics non-edible, non-emission oil.

We are happy to inform you that we extracted more oil samples this week, passing the highest score on the visual test. The physical and chemical analysis is now under process in the laboratory, and we will publish the results soon.

We determine and validate the advantages and exact parameters of oils matching the precise requirements of the fuel industry, means, will be an excellent raw material for the production of renewable diesel (HVO technology), and a stable in terms of physicochemical parameters, raw material for the production of 2G FAME Biodiesel in existing installations.


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