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The state of Israel & KESSLER have reached a significant milestone

עודכן: 20 בספט׳ 2021

KESSLER Projects for the world Ltd would like to inform you that the next stage of our project, related to creating the most appropriate genetics of our energy tree, has been successfully completed. After several years of global research on the optimal variety, we would like to share these first promising results.

The assumption of our company was to create prime genetics that will be resistant to extreme climatic conditions, tolerate poor soil quality, absorbed large amounts of CO2, and above all, provide us a high yield in the form of inedible vegetable oil - an advanced renewable resource for the fuel and energy industry.

The quality, together with the performance of this oil, was the second and greatest challenge that Kessler had to face. Kessler's operations strategy is to create Smart Carbon Plantations worldwide and produce the highest quality oil that would become an excellent raw material for the production of FAME biodiesel and raw material for HVO installations. Such a raw material must be characterized by stable physicochemical parameters, which must be as similar as possible to rapeseed and soybean oil. Low-temperature parameters of such oil are fundamental because they impact the quality of biodiesel (CFPP, cloud point of finished FAME) and the costs associated with transporting and storing such oil.

As is well known, apart from the physicochemical parameters, the external appearance of each oil is important for every customer, which gives the customer the first information about the suitability for his process.

Following Kesslers' team worldwide trials, intensive work on different genetic varieties, and many extractions from different species in laboratories and on a technical scale, our company and the Agricultural Research Organization of Israel obtained a species from which the oil is presented in the attached photo.

This oil, obtained from our energy trees that tolerates a desert climate, is stable and has a beautiful light yellow color which is entirely transparent. The bottom line is that this oil is an inedible oil, absolutely low emission, and its use will not conflict with the use of food for fuel purposes. We are currently conducting detailed tests of the obtained oil in terms of its use in the fuel and energy sector and other oleochemical processes.

With the research and development of advanced genetics lines, Kessler started producing clones from our species on a massive production scale to create commercial Smart Carbon Plantations worldwide.

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