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Updates and photos June 2022

With great delight, we can present the current photos of prime genetics and maturity variety from our smart carbon plantation pilot in the Negev desert in Israel. Working jointly with the state of Israel allows us to master the sustainable production of food and energy from arid soils and poor land under harsh weather conditions.

Kessler and the state of Israel created the region's first scientifically carbon plantation pilot under an exclusive partnership agreement, developing prime oil trees rich in Proteins and the highest quality inedible oil for the fuel and energy industry. Oil, which shortly may become the primary raw material for the production of advanced and zero-emission biofuels, as well as other raw materials for the production of different types of renewable biofuels such as bioethanol 2G, or zero-emission biomass for the production of electricity and heat.

We have confirmed our tree's most appropriate and potent genetic variety, which will provide the industry with the highest quality zero-emission raw materials. The achieved physicochemical parameters of the products match the highest standards with their excellent quality. This year Kessler's genetics at a range of maturity proved suitable for the extreme hit of the desert and the cold stormy winter season.

The desert winter season is over. We can absolutely and indisputably confirm our genetic variety's unbeatable nature and inform you that all the trees on our pilot plantation woke up after the winter period. At the moment, we are witnessing a rapid growth of our trees, and there are large numbers of new leaves and new flowers on the trees (it is an incredible sight). All this proves that the root system of our trees has strengthened, and thus it started naturally. The process of soil regeneration occurs (Pongamia distributes nitrogen and carbon to the soil through the root system).

In an extraordinary and thrilling moment, we are utilizing the intercropping process, making the desert more green and fruitful. Life is back in the desert, and the process of effective atmosphere purification is scaling up.

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