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When to expect Pongamia fruits

עודכן: 19 ביוני 2023

We are thrilled to share some exciting announcements about the progress of our carbon plantation in the Negev desert during this winter season transitioning into the Israeli summer. The plantation has already started to flourish and grown incredibly, and this year each tree will gain another 50%-100% in mass and carbon.

Hereby are the latest photos taken on June 14, 2023. showing the extraordinary growth of KESSLER advanced genetic strain 5781-A, which has already started blooming in its second year. This remarkable achievement means the trees will bear fruit in the third year!

Through our joint efforts, we have created elite genetic varieties of the Pongamia tree and developed cultivation techniques that have resulted in the highest quality Pongamia tree products and enabled us to achieve the fastest development and growth of the trees and the highest possible density of trees per hectare. This unique Carbon Plantation model and advanced genetics ensure maximum oil production and Carbon credits without sacrificing the intercropping process.

This development represents a significant milestone for KESSLER and ARO, highlighting our capability to provide advanced genetics and innovative agro-technical solutions. Our comprehensive package encompasses high-density plantations, rapid tree growth, and the highest Pongamia oil yield per hectare.

The challenging work of our exceptional team of Israeli researchers and teams in their facilities, nurseries, and in the Negev desert, where we face extreme climatic and soil conditions, has yielded the most advanced energy trees and Smart Carbon Plantations model.

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