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Smart Carbon Plantaions

Combating global warming​ by planting smart carbon plantations of prime energy trees, growing on deserts and unfertile land, producing proteins, feedstock for advanced biofuels and zero emmision electricity



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Earth for Us to Protect

Projects for 2024-2030

Current situation

Global Energy Policy is striving for:

  • Reduction of CO2, SO2, NOx, & particulate matters

  • Increased use of renewable energy

  • Increased use of biofuels

  • Improving energy efficiency 


The use of biofuels made from edible materials will soon reduce to 5% for second-generation biofuels (made from non-edible raw materials) and third-generation biofuels (algae).  After 2020, support for biofuels made from food crops (canola, sunflower, soybean, palm, etc.) will start to cease.


Pongamia pinnata is a leguminous, oilseed-bearing tree that has been identified as an excellent candidate for a non-edible vegetable oil production environment and meets World Energy Policy obligations.

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Our solution

 This concept is the production of biomass and energy production of materials by:
Developments of Energy trees smart carbon plantations – Years of research,  a ‘Pilot program’ area developing mature trees/and advanced lines of genetics and based on a successful outcome we plan the commercial carbon plantations of  10,000 hectares to 20,000 hectares
Building a Milling Plant on-site to process plants for the production of Pongamia Oil and solid Biomass, securing the needs for producing advanced biofuels

Renewable Energy and biofuels production – to secure the Energy needs of the area based on its own Energy sources ( production by the use of cogeneration technology powered by Pongamia liquids )
Obtaining food (protein) from poor soil, deserts, and infertile land, producing Animal feed and agricultural fertilizer, based on the trees products, Reclamation of degraded areas by creating new plantations in degraded and unusable areas, Creation of new jobs and development of agriculture


  • KESSLER established the first carbon plantations in Israel and the middle east under a partnership and exclusive support by the state of Israel 

  •  Performing land reclamation, producing protein and agricultural yields with intercropping and fast-absorbing of co2 

  • Partnership with the state of Israel on advanced IP, Pongamia prime genetics, and agrotechnical knowhow 

  • Pioneering the development of low carbon products 

  • Food and animal feed production as an answer to the food crisis and world hunger 

  • Creating green areas, better air quality and oxygen from big lungs of greenery, fruitful plantations growing on deserts and unfertile land, performing land reclamation, and improving the soil. Building an ideal environment for intercropping 

  • Following all EU standards and policies and branded as high standards carbon credits 

  • Helping the community by hiring employees and boosting agriculture and export 

  •  Supporting a stable local supply of energy. Creating an independent energy source, Registration and patenting products, and production processes of new generation biofuels based on unedible Pongamia oil.

  • Securing the future energy & food sources for countries, authorities, and communities 

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Become a part of the solution!

Enter and be amazed by our community of excellent individuals, companies and institutes that cure and save our planet. Own your own profitable energy trees.


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Get to Know Us

We would like to introduce KESSLER Projects for the world, an Israeli company with substantial partners in Europe and Asia who construct the world's best practices In green energy and agricultural technologies.

KESSLER operates in the renewable energy, clean technologies, and environmental protection sectors.  In company with our international affiliates, strategic partnerships, and joint venture partners, we have the experience and expertise to support your sustainable energy requirements in the European markets.  Whilst producing clean energy for your constituents’ current and future needs, we protect the natural environment and meet World Energy Policy obligations.



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