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A Milestone of Growth: Harnessing Innovation in the Negev Desert

Two years ago, we embarked on an ambitious project in the Negev Desert, planting plants of the specially chosen genetic variety 5781-A. The goal was clear: to test and demonstrate the growth potential of this variety under harsh desert conditions while shaping a scalable Smart Carbon Plantation model.

We employed various farming techniques from the start to ensure the best growth. Our team explored different watering strategies to understand how these trees respond to stress, unlocking the particular traits of the 5781-A variety. The watering technology we developed is tailored for desert conditions, ensuring the right amount of water is delivered at the right time.

A key objective was to create a plantation layout that allows the maximum number of trees per hectare, ensuring each tree grows well without competing with its neighbors. Our prudent branch-pruning, watering protocol, and further development methods led to an impressive flowering of the trees.

We also introduced a non-fertilization support technique to maintain the natural nitrogen absorption from the atmosphere and its distribution into the soil through the roots. This process signifies natural fertilization and soil regeneration.

Over two years, the land between the trees is mainly rejuvenated, and the moringa trees we have cultivated now as intercropping stand over two meters tall.

In the second year, we observed remarkable progress:

  • Our trees have many leaves, branches, and heavy mass and grew to about 2 meters in height.

  • An abundance of flowers emerged, followed by the first green fruits, indicating a first harvest in the third year.

  • With 850 trees flourishing per hectare, we anticipate a high oil yield and a promising avenue for Carbon credits.

The results of our hard work during this period have been rewarding, and we at KESSLER are immensely proud of the progress made. This journey is about innovative farming methods and invites fellow companies and authorities to join in discussions, explore collaborations, and advance the mission of sustainable and groundbreaking agricultural practices, and reaching a zero emission economy.

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