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A new milestone - Protein quality

We are delighted to share another milestone we achieved while working on our smart carbon plantation. As you know, and you can read in our previous posts, in addition to producing low carbon biofuels and bioenergy and carbon credits, one of the essential areas that our company develops is the production of natural non-GMO plant proteins.

Creating the appropriate genetic variation for our energy tree has reached another success. Together with ARO, Kessler projects for the world are extracting and scientifically examining the proteins in our energy tree's fruits. These proteins are entirely tested for the profile and content of amino acids present in the structure. The new results we got are fascinating.

Our protein structure contains a complete amino acid profile, the essential amino acids for the human and animal body; exogenous amino acids are vital for the human body (usually sourced from animal products such as meat, milk, fish, etc.). Endogenous amino acids, i.e. those produced in the human body (are synthesized), are also fully present in our product !!!

So we have a complete set of all the exogenous amino acids for life and the formation of living cells. By analyzing our several years of work on varieties of the Pongamia energy tree and the new best genetic type, we can celebrate the next significant milestone. Undoubtedly, It is important to mention that our proteins are natural, wholesome, non-genetically modified proteins !!!!

Creating nutritious food from un-agricultural land and fighting the threat of world hunger.

A round of applause to our entire team and many thanks and respect to ARO

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