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Israel is on the right way

Quite recently, the Israeli government announced that it was joining the global program to save planet Earth. The signing of the commitments contained in the Paris Protocol forces the signatory states to take radical steps to reduce GHG emissions and fight the global warming of our climate.

It is not necessary to explain the whole dangerous situation in detail, as each of us can observe it on our own regularly. Hot summer periods, great fires in most parts of our planet, constantly rising average temperatures, melting glaciers, floods, and many other climatic disasters are the effect of the degradation of our planet Earth.

Now there is no turning back, and there is not much time for discussion. Now we have to act radically and start the process of rebuilding the damages. The Israel state policy in this area is consistent with many countries that have already implemented recovery programs.

Carbon tax, the consequent creation of a Carbon Credits market, and the development of sustainable biofuels, and therefore a process entirely under the control of GHG emissions, is the most enduring solution. Every company and every area of ​​production must be involved in this process. The transformation of the fuel and energy industry must be stable in this process and with the least possible losses for companies operating on the market. All this is possible if the government's approach is professional and if this policy is consistent with the policies of other countries.

Kessler's Smart Carbon plantations and the production of advanced biofuels based on our advanced genetic lines of energy trees are entirely consistent with the market expectations in Israel, Europe, and the Gulf region countries. We are proud to offer a comprehensive solution for many industries and brands, enabling any state, authority, or company to become 100% environmentally friendly by using only zero-emissions energy.

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